We have, throughout the years, published books, produced films and exhibitions and taught writing and photography classes. We have won prizes, written articles, read countless books and taken part in important festivals.  We have seen success and we have overcome obstacles. Many times we asked ourselves what we were doing. One day we came to an answer and decided we wanted to share it with others, maybe with some time and far from distractions.

In two main fall and spring sessions, Il Magazzino organizes seminars and workshops lead by internationally well-known and successful professionals. The workshops, with a maximum of twelve students, will be held on long weekends in the hamlet of Camporsevoli (Cetona, Tuscany), at the boarder with Lazio and Umbria.

Full room and board is included.  All meals will be served using exclusively Tuscan products. Upon request, workshops or seminars can be tentatively tailored to a whole groups request during weekly rentals in Camporsevoli.

On a last note: magazzino in Italian means warehouse. Il Magazzino does not intend to teach anything but rather, to provide some tricks and tools, just as, in fact, a workshops backroom.