What is The Magazzino tailor-made? Very simple: on top of the scheduled workshops, The Magazzino offers the opportunity to shape your own seminar or workshop, based upon your specific desires and needs. Are you interested in cinema – or writing or photography or anything else – and have a group of friends with whom you share this passion? Are you a company manager who wants to improve your professional relationships and team-building skills between your employees? Are you part of a book or cinema club that wants to try something different? Would you like to spend a whole week or two in the hamlet of Camporsevoli and would also like to attend a workshop? Contact us immediately: with your guidance, we will discuss your wishes and organize the seminar or workshop that suits you the most.  Each of the professionals listed on the WHO page of our website is available – with adequate advance notice – to create with you the best possible experience, based upon established courses or by exploring new ideas and solutions. Similarly, if you are interested in a discipline that for the time being you do not see associated with The Magazzino, don’t hesitate to contact us anyways: our resources are much greater than what our website is able to show.

Get in touch with us now and share your thoughts, we will together create an unforgettable experience.