Rooted as far as the Etruscan era, Camporsevoli has been for centuries a sought after property between the Papal State and the Granducato di Toscana. Belonging to various families including the Piccolomini and the Malaspina, Camporsevoli is today home to a successful agritourism, drawing in primarily foreign tourists.

Situated in the hills of Cetona at the border with Umbria and Lazio and overlooking Valdichiana and Val d’Orcia, Camporsevoli is exactly halfway between Rome and Florence, easily accessible by either car or by train from the nearest station of Chiusi-Chianciano.

Camporsevoli offers any kind of accommodation from a single room to an entire villa. Il Magazzino warmly suggests to our single students to share in everything they do during their experience at Camporsevoli, including a room or an apartment.

Even the most unexpected moments are part of this experience: the small exchange of words before going to bed, the free time before dinner or after a shower. The day will come when you will meet again at an exhibition or at a presentation and you will remember and laugh about those small moments together. This being said, without any explanation or increase in price, Il Magazzino guarantees any request for privacy.

Three meals, made exclusively from Tuscan products, will be served daily.



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